Samsung approached Joyent to build a next generation private cloud to power applications that need to scale to billions of clients.

Our experience building distributed systems at global scale became the foundation for our next generation private cloud platform. The Samsung Private Cloud provides developers and operators a secure, feature rich global cloud with private cloud economics.

Private cloud three components diagram: Compute Engine, Data Lake Services, and Object Storage

Data Analytics Data Analytics Icon

SQL and NoSQL Batch Processing Data Lake Service Data Labeling and Processing Logging and Monitoring

Compute Service Compute Service Icon

Windows & Linux Images Custom Image Management Custom Instance Sizing Bare Metal Provisioning

Microservices Microservices Icon

Kubernetes & Docker Services Managed Container Registry CI/CD Services API Gateway

Customer Engagement Customer Engagement Icon

24x7x365 Helpdesk Global NOC Integrated Procurment Technical Account Team

Database Database Icon

Map Reduce Service Managed Database Service Data Lake Multi-DB/Storage

Developer Enablement Developer Enablement Icon

Cloud Management Console Secrets Management Documentation & Tutorial Portal SDK, CLI, and Provider Libraries

Machine Learning and AI Machine Learning and AI Icon

GPU Compute Cloud Managed Kubernetes Service Data Lake 3rd Party Integration

Cloud Management Cloud Management Icon

Identity & Access Management GUI & API Management 3rd Party Provider Modules Usage Reports & Quotas

Network Services Network Services Icon

VPC & DNS Network Services Certificate Management Hardware VPN & DDoS Services HW/SW Nework Firewall

Security & Compliance Security and Compliance Icon

Cloud Audit Logging Firewall/Networking Logging Secrets Management PCI-DSS & ISO27001

Serverless Computing Serverless Computing Icon

Events Processing Hub Service Functions as a Service Notification Serviec API Queue Service API

Storage Services Storage Services Icon

Global Object Storage Network Block Storage Ephemeral Instance Storage Object Storage Gateway Service